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New Moral ARMY™


The New Moral Army™ consists of those individuals who are taking an active role in supporting and promoting the three key political, social and economic policies that are guaranteed to positively transform our society in the most monumental ways, as detailed below.

New Moral ARMY™


The political system is totally corrupted in both obvious and subtle ways.

The vast majority of people will agree that mainstream politics has become corrupted to the core, and that is why so many people who used to vote in every election now refuse to vote at all. This is not because they don’t believe in democracy, but because they actually do believe in it.

Once a moral person sees that the democratic system is no longer authentic, and every political party and leading politician is wholly controlled by non-democratic and malign forces, the truly democratic thing to do is to refuse to vote, and to let everyone know exactly why you are abstaining.

When you see a politician attending Davos or Bilderberg, and receiving their yearly instructions from the parasitic class, you know that you are witnessing a very blatant level of corruption.

What is less perceived are the more subtle ways in which these puppet politicians manage to keep so many of the populace engaged in the scripted stage show of duopoly two-party politics and chasing after trivial carrot-and-stick social policies.

In order to keep the people distracted from the real solutions, they must be baited with ‘social bribes’ that are really nothing more than empty economic and financial promises, which keep the general public focused on inconsequential rhetoric and policies. Such policies all have two things in common:

1. They are policies that never fix the central problems that plague society, and which cause the people so much misery and hardship;

2. They are policies that never obstruct in any consequential way, the perpetual advancement of the globalist steamroller, which continues to crush every vestige of our traditional values and cultures, in its relentless path towards the destruction of each and every sovereign nation state, alongside that agendas corresponding aim to ultimately install a non-democratic global dictatorship.

The solution – and there always is one if you open your mind – is to regard every political policy and promise that the mainstream media focuses on as what it truly is – nothing more than a distraction – and to instead only ever give your time, consideration and support to those political, economic and social policies that the controllers never want you to think about, or to discuss with others, and most importantly, to vote on!

When it comes to politics, and particularly when it comes to economic policies, you must only aim for the centre of the target where the real solutions lie. You must always aim for just the political bullseye. When you do that, every other good policy will naturally follow.

However, without implementing those core solutions, the biggest social problems will never go away. Instead, they will continue to get ever more entrenched and harmful to you and to the society in which you live.

New Moral ARMY™


Bullseye Politics is the only real and practical solution to the current problems that critically threatens our society, and which threaten humanity as a whole.

If just a small number of people begin to actively support the promotion of only those core ‘bullseye’ policies, which will – practically overnight – monumentally reform and advance society, then real positive change is guaranteed to occur at lightning speed.

You will no longer have to hope or wish for change. Instead, you will not only start to see the change actually take place, but you will become self-empowered in the feeling and the knowledge that you are playing an active role in creating that social paradigm shift.

The alternative is to falsely believe that you do not have the power to fundamentally change society, and instead, to just sit back and watch the globalist steamroller, driven by the parasitic class of trillionaires and billionaires, continue its destructive journey towards a truly dystopian society.

So what exactly are these ‘bullseye policies’ that are guaranteed to create a truly utopian society?

What are the political, economic and social policies that the social engineers never want you to even consider, and which the puppet politicians and muppet media are ordered never to discuss or promote?

“Those who control the money own society,
and those who own society own you.”


New Moral ARMY™


Anyone who truly understands politics will tell you the same thing –
“those who control the money, control society”.

It doesn’t matter what positive social changes are made, so long as the bad guys remain in control of the big money, those changes are build on sand. The economic system is the rock on which all of society is constructed. Gain control of the rock and you gain control of everything.

The wonderful news is that economics is neither complex nor boring. It is breathtakingly simple and by far the most exciting element of politics.

You just have to realise that the veil of complexity and dullness that has been successfully cast over the subject of economics was manufactured to purposefully confuse and disengage the average (normal) person from ever thinking about major economic reform when it comes to the problems they face on a day-to-day level.

Strip away that veil, and you get to the fun stuff, and that’s all you need to focus on, in order to create the utopian society that you want and that you deserve.

In reality, the only way to solve the day-to-day problems that you face is to primarily only vote for those politicians and parties that are wholly focused on implementing the key policies, which fundamentally change the way that money is used, accumulated and controlled.

In fact, until there are politicians and parties that are representing those policies at the ballot box, you are far better off refusing to vote, and explaining to others exactly why you are taking that very positive political stance.

Furthermore, if a politician or political party does not actively and enthusiastically support these critical economic changes, you can be certain that it is because they are not actually democratic at all, but are in fact, under the absolute control of those who will lose all their power to manipulate and manage politics and society from behind the scenes once these policies have been implemented.

In other words, you can test a politicians democratic credentials, or whether they are simply a bought-and-paid-for puppet of the parasitic class, by simply asking whether they will publicly support – merely in principle – each of the three policies.

You can accurately ascertain how genuine or controlled they are, by how many of the three policies they will openly and actively support. I would suggest that their support of at least two out of the three policies is the minimum, in order for you to regard them as being worthy of your trust at the ballot box.

New Moral ARMY™


Essentially, we can summarise this immoral and illicit control over the world’s economy, money and assets under the umbrella term Toxic Wealth.

Toxic wealth is extreme wealth at the level of a mental illness, at which money becomes socially toxic, principally used to purchase politics and power, whilst fuelling global poverty, crime and immorality.

Toxic wealth is wealth beyond moral wealth.
Toxic wealth is destroying your society.
Toxic wealth is your stolen money.

Eliminating toxic wealth in all its guises is the only way for the people to take proper and lasting control of their society.

Visit for the full definition of the term toxic wealth.

The entire control system that constantly manipulates your life, corrupts the political system, and drains every nation of its wealth, relies on just one or two economic pillars, in order to maintain its financial, political and social hegemony.

Eliminate these key negative economic structures and everything changes; every positive social advancement suddenly becomes an easily obtainable reality.

The following are the policies that must be implemented at the political level if you wish to solve each and every social problem that you, your family, your friends, and your nation currently faces.

If these policies are not implemented, those problems will not only never go away, but they will get increasingly worse.

In fact, you will eventually own nothing, and you will be permanently miserable.

New Moral ARMY™


There are three core policies that may be considered to be ‘the holy trinity’ in the fight to eliminate all toxic wealth within human society.

These are the economic policies that politicians and the media have been ordered never to discuss!

New Moral ARMY™

A Cap on Personal Wealth
Fifty Million Max™

A global wealth cap of $50 million per individual.
The most important social change in human history.

95%+ of people will vote for a cap on extreme toxic wealth. Within any democratic nation, it only takes 51% of people at most to make it law.

Imagine a society in which everyone lived like a millionaire.
That is the society that Fifty Million Max™ will create.

The implementation of the Fifty Million Max™ policy will bring about:

  • The elimination of world poverty, hunger, and suffering.
  • The eradication of social and political corruption.
  • No more “bankers’ wars” and orchestrated chaos.
  • An end to the hidden crimes of the parasitic class.
  • Hundreds of trillions made available to build a society of luxury for all.
  • A fairer, true democracy under the control of the people.

Discover more about Fifty Million Max™ policy
on the New Moral Order™ Website.

New Moral ARMY™

Abolishing National Usury

National Usury is the illicit practice of a private central bank charging interest on the creation of a nation’s money. National Usury also applies to any interest charged on a nation’s borrowing of money. National Usury is essentially the fleecing of a national economy, and thereby the fleecing of its peoples’ wealth.

The people of every nation need direct control over the creation of their nation’s money, with absolutely no interest rates payable.

  • Every nation must create its own money, interest-free.
  • The people must have full share ownership of their nation’s money.
  • All national debts to private central banks must be eliminated.
  • All interest on money creation ever paid to private banks must be repaid to the taxpayer in full.

In short, your country must destroy National Usury before National Usury destroys your country.

Visit for the full definition of National Usury.

New Moral ARMY™

Total Universal Compensation [TUC]

Attaining full settlement for all historic crimes against society.

Those who have a broad understanding of social history and of contemporary politics, know that the historical compensation payouts of recent years have all been driven by globalist ideology and enabled by those within the political and legal system who are there to advance the agendas of that ideology.

Due to that extreme ideological and partisan perception of history and politics by those who manage the 21st century control system, only certain identified social groups have ever been given the possibility of establishing their rights to compensation for alleged crimes of the past.

Likewise, all the alleged perpetrators of such crimes happen to be social groups that are identified as opposition or obstacles to the ideology of globalism. There are apparently no victims of any historic crimes that fall outside of this narrow, prejudiced worldview of globalist ideology.

Total Universal Compensation (TUC) aims to redress this injustice, by establishing the moral, democratic and legal rights of all the world’s people, and not simply a small number of identified groups, to receive full compensation for every single historic crime against society.

Furthermore, any compensation due for these historic crimes is payable, morally and rationally, only by identified corporate entities or groups that can be proven beyond any reasonable doubt to not only be responsible for such historic crimes, but also to have retained the ill-gotten gains of their crimes through generation after generation, and to have utilised those illicit proceeds to engage in further crimes and financial injustices against society up until the present day.

The one identifiable group that is absolved from paying any such compensation is the general public, which can never be legitimately held responsible for any historic crimes, at least in no direct way that could attribute any sort of legal fine or compensation to be paid by them. Therefore, no compensation must ever be paid out of the public purse, and any that has been paid to date must be reimbursed by those who may indeed be shown to be responsible for such payments.

We know who the real crooks in society are, and always have been, and it certainly isn’t the average person on the street. It is only the social psychopath who has no empathy for others, who is happy to see people murdered in war, starved to death, or enslaved in chains, simply in order to gain greater wealth and power. These are the people who are responsible for both historic crimes and the crimes of today. These are the people who rise through the sociopathic ranks to manage the central banks, the multinationals, and all the institutions of political, financial, military and social power. It is only this minority of people and the institutions they control, which are the perpetrators of all crimes against society, both historically and in today’s world.

When we are talking, not about crimes against the individual, but about crimes against society, then surely it is society that must become the judge and jury of those historic crimes. It cannot be a few corrupt politicians or unelected judges who can ever legitimately decide on such things.

Only the people can make a judgment on historical crimes against society, whether they are crimes against their national society or crimes against the global society as a whole. Only the people can decide on whether compensation must be paid for those crimes, and only the people can decide who must pay the compensation and any related fines.

As with everything that is decided upon within our modern society, democracy (democratic law) supersedes every other form of law, such as legislation (see The Law Doctrine). Therefore, no matter what anyone else thinks, if the people properly vote for it to be so, then it will be so.

It is completely illegitimate to collectively punish a nation of people for any alleged historic crimes that may have been committed by a minority of people who resided in that nation generations before.

However, the same cannot be said of a bank, a corporation, or a trust or foundation fund of a  dynastic family, which can be proven beyond any reasonable doubt to have not only profited from numerous historic crimes against society, but can also be shown to have further benefited from the proceeds of those criminal gains by amassing and hoarding ever greater toxic wealth by invested the original principal sum and thereby increasing the capital gains as time went on.

Furthermore, we know that all such wealth ends up in the same place – at the very top of the financial investment system. We are not only able to target it, we can actually see it.

The important point here is that all of this toxic wealth can be traced back to historic criminality, and that it only takes the people to democratically decide that these crimes took place, and to decide which institutions are responsible for paying the compensation, for society to recoup the many trillions that is currently owed for a multitude of historic crimes against the people of the world.

Visit for a more detailed introduction to the policy of Total Universal Compensation (TUC).

The New Moral Army™ movement will be exploring and detailing these endless historic crimes, for which society now deserves full settlement.

Keep up to date with all information relating to the New Moral Army™ via the links and social media listed at the bottom of the page, and also on the New Moral Order™ website and other related websites.

New Moral ARMY™


Returning this immorally and criminally attained wealth to society and to the people is fully in your democratic power to achieve.

Begin by simply talking about these three critical policies. Think about just how evolutionary, logical and socially fair they are to everyone, and how implementing them will not only provide each nation, and society as a whole, with all the money it needs.

All the money it needs to end poverty, homelessness, sickness and suffering, but perhaps more importantly, these policies will end the stranglehold on humanity by those who persistently orchestrate all the war and conflict, the food and energy scarcity, and the systematic economic collapsing of society for their own personal benefit and political objectives.

Just imagine all the social issues those hundreds of trillions – the vast majority of society’s wealth – will solve, once the people have peacefully, lawfully and democratically decided to refund all that toxic wealth back to the populace, from whom it has been illegitimately taken over the years, decades and centuries of robbing the people of their hard earned money, savings and assets.

If 51% of us decide that we want to cap all wealth at $50 million, and that we want to criminalise the robbing of our sovereign national wealth, and that we want to compensate humanity for every crime it has suffered under the tyranny of the parasitic class, then democracy legitimately enables us to do exactly that – peacefully and lawfully – and with the full knowledge that it is a wholly civilised and moral endeavour.

It’s up to you. You can either sit back and let society continue to be controlled and fleeced by the powers that should not be, or you can become an active part of the greatest political, social and economic movement in human history.

New Moral ARMY™


Belonging to the New Moral Army™ is profoundly more valid, and presently far more essential, than giving to any political party, social justice cause or charity.

In fact, any support you do currently give to a major institution is more likely to be fleeced before it reaches its supposed destination, and in truth, is probably fuelling the problem rather than fixing it.

The entire system has become utterly corrupted. It should be obvious to you why giving to a mainstream political party or social justice cause is now not that different to handing your money over to the mob, but what about charitable giving – surely that is worthwhile.

Most people now enter the charity sector to achieve a higher salary, find self-employment within a huge growth industry, or simply to secure a way of paying their mortgage and to put food on the table. The idea that all charities are run by people who actually care about the cause is a thing of the past.

In some cases over 95% of all donations are swallowed up in administration, business growth and professional fees. They are no longer true charities; they are simply corporate businesses posing as charities.

As such, they serve the same transnational masters and their globalist agendas, as almost every other company does in the 21st century. Of course, there are always a few notable, honest exceptions – small, frontline charities that deal directly with the sufferer – but these exceptions prove the rule.

Again, it comes back to the reality that until we, the people, take control of the big money, we are all going to continue to be robbed blind of everything we work for, save for, live for, and believe in.

If you’ve only just discovered the New Moral Army™, and how its policies are guaranteed to fundamentally evolve society, then it may take you a short amount of time to fully grasp just how monumental its objectives really are, or perhaps you realise the significance immediately. Either way, time will only solidify in your mind the epic nature of these game-changing political, social and economic policies.

In a century from now, human society will look back at this moment in history, and specifically at this movement, and regard it as ‘the paradigm shift’. Do you want to be an active part of that change, or simply a spectator in the non-player crowd of billions?

Every time I think about the objectives of the New Moral Army™ I feel excited and purposeful. No other cause could possible provide me with greater excitement and purpose, simply because implementing these key policies, by default, supersedes any and every other social movement. Just think about it.

No political ideology or social movement has ever comes close to what each of the three policies of the New Moral Army™ will achieve overnight.

That is exactly why the corrupted political parties, puppet politicians and media muppets never discuss them, and why such policies are never an option at the ballot box. You can now play and active role in completely changing that paradigm.

It’s not a cliche – this really does change everything.

New Moral ARMY™


Membership is just £10 a month. That’s just £10 a month to play an active role in bringing about the biggest social change in human history.

The more people that join, the more these policies can be promoted to people throughout the world, and the sooner they can be implemented.

If you can spend £10 a week on pizza, you can certainly spend £10 a month to fundamentally and permanently change society for the better.

There is one exception to this minimum subscription. The homeless are able to join the New Moral Army™ for free. The faux-democratic system may have forgotten that you exist, but we haven’t. If you are homeless, you may be proud to say that you are an honorary member of the New Moral Army™. All you have to do is peacefully, lawfully and democratically promote the movement’s three key policies to others.

For everyone else, the New Moral Army™ is asking billionaires to give back to society and to the people all but $50 million of their toxic wealth. The least you can do is give £10 a month to make it happen.

If you wish to support the New Moral Army™ at a greater level than £10 a month, the options are there to make a higher monthly donation, or to make a single payment at any time. However, to remain an active member of the New Moral Army™ you are simply asked to continue making a minimum monthly donation of £10.

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New Moral ARMY™


Your name immortalised as a New Moral Army™Founding Member of the greatest social change in human history.

The first thousand members to join the New Moral Army™ and remain subscribed for three solid years, and who wish to be known for the part they played in this game-changing movement, will have their names listed online for prosperity, and also potentially in a future book or other publication.

This is obviously nothing to do with vanity, but simply about rightfully recognising those who have the vision to see what really needs to occur in society, and who are prepared to actually do something about it, rather than waiting for others to solve the problems of the world for them.

Think of it this way. We know who signed the Magna Carta in 1215, and we know who signed the US Declaration of Independence in 1776, so don’t you think that people in centuries to come will want to know who were the founding sponsors of a movement, which will eclipse even those incredible historic milestones, in terms of the positive political, economic and social advancement that the game-changing policies of the New Moral Army™ is guaranteed to bring about?

So, once you have initiated your monthly donation/subscription to join the New Moral Army™, you can expect to be contacted in the near future to confirm whether or not you wish to be listed as a New Moral Army™ Founding Member. Your name will then be listed on the ‘Founding Members’ page.

Names will be listed in the order they subscribe, so the sooner you join, the higher up you name will be on The Founding Members list.

The first hundred members will be further highlighted in a separate section at the top of the page.

Once a thousand members have been listed, any new members who wish to be on the list will be held on a reserve list. If any existing Founding Members cease their subscription in their first three years, or they wish to be removed from the list, then the next name on the reserve list will be added in replacement.

Once a member has donated each month for three years, their name will be listed in bold type, with a note that they are forever an Official Founding Member, even if they end their subscription at a later date.

Alternatively, a single donation of £500 secures a donor being listed as an Official Founding Member.

Anyone who wishes to subscribe anonymously will not be added to the list unless they later message to advise that they have changed their mind and instead do wish to be added. This can be done at any point during a subscription. However, once the list reaches a thousand members, they will be subject to the same reserve list rule as new members, no matter when they originally subscribed.

Remember, the sooner you subscribe, the higher up you name will be on The Founding Members list.

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New Moral ARMY™


The New Moral Army™ initially has one simple objective – to promote its three game-changing policies to the people of the world:

  • Capping everyone’s personal wealth at $50 million, thereby providing an even playing-field for the economic advancement of each and every individual, and a cash-rich society in which everyone can live like a millionaire.
  • Abolishing National Usury, with every nation creating its own interest-free money, share owned by its citizenry, with all national debt to private central banks eliminated, and all historic interest to be repaid to the people of each nation state.
  • The implementation of Total Universal Compensation (TUC), establishing those historic crimes against nations and against society that are worthy of current compensation, establishing a nominal sum payable for each of those respective crimes, and formulating a tally of those sums that may be used as a moral and legitimate basis for the recovery of all such criminal funds and assets from those institutions, which are deemed – by the people and through the democratic process – to be held as responsible for paying such compensation. The people shall decide.

The more people that join the New Moral Army™, the more that these policies can be promoted to the 8 billion individuals who can peacefully, lawfully and democratically force their implementation.

As it grows, the New Moral Army™ movement will also be advertising these policies in the mainstream media, forcing politicians and the wider public to discuss them, thereby making them central to political debate and a key factor in the electoral success of those politicians who support the changes and electoral failure for those who don’t.

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New Moral ARMY™


Of course, they will tell you that none of the above can be done, and the economic rules are set in stone, because fooling the people into believing their lies is something that they have had a lot of experience in perfecting.

Thankfully, enough people now see through the relentless misinformation and deceptions of the banksters, and fully realise that almost all puppet politicians and media muppets are bought-and-paid-for by the parasitic class, so such empty statements can simply be ignored and laughed at by the wise and awakened.

A last desperate effort to sustain a primitive economic tyranny that has been enforced on the people for centuries should be expected, but nothing can stand in the way of an idea that’s time has come, and this is one that is long overdue.

Democracy always, by default, supersedes legislation, and an overwhelming democratic majority that is implementing a provably moral and legitimate action, which benefits 99.9% of human society, ends political corruption, and eradicates poverty and war, can obviously not be opposed for long.

The writing is already on the wall. We simply have to get people to read it.

The more people that join the New Moral Army™, the more time and resources can be used to promote these policies to everyone across the globe.

Click here to join the New Moral Army™ now.

New Moral ARMY™


One thousand members will be a great start, but a million members would seal the deal in a very short space of time.

In other words, the more people that become members, and the quicker that membership grows, the sooner we will all be living in an exciting and luxurious new society.

Once this toothpaste is out of the tube, it’s not going back in again. Anyone – literally anyone – who isn’t already one of the toxically wealthy 0.001% of the human population, will almost certainly vote for any one of the three policies that we are proposing here.

Our only real task is to get the message to enough people, in order to break through the corrupted media and political system of faux-democracy, and fully implement these policies at the governmental level.

I challenge you to ask anyone you know whether they would support a worldwide personal wealth cap of $50 million, with all the excess money being repaid into society. There are many tens of trillions of dollars on the table, in regards to just that one single policy. The message to society is that “you can have it all.”

99% of people you ask will simply say “yes” they would vote for it, in a heartbeat. I know this to be the case, because I’ve asked many people, from friends to complete strangers.

It should be expected that 1% or even 10% of people may play devil’s advocate towards this or any new major social proposition, but having those conversations or arguments will simply further evolve and promote the policy, which is part of the natural process. If people pose genuine questions, it allows us to establish the proper answers.

I guarantee that there is no argument in regards to these policies that cannot be easily overturned – economically, socially and morally. A key element of the New Moral Army™ mission is to raise all such potential detracting arguments, and to fully answer and resolve them, in the form of ongoing posts, podcasts, and on social media.

In a short space of time, there will be no new questions, and all the answers will be well tried and tested. This is exactly what is required at the political level, which is where the New Moral Army™ is ultimately destined to find itself on its way to peacefully, lawfully and democratically implementing its three paradigm shifting policies.

The New Moral Army™ will get a million members, but right now, it just wants you!

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New Moral ARMY™


Who will be the first toxically-wealthy billionaire or multi-millionaire to join the New Moral Army™ and give back all but $50 million of their hoarded wealth?

Unlike the social justice movements that you are used to seeing in our engineered 21st century society, the New Moral Army™ is not funded by billionaire globalists and the ‘charitable’ tax-dodging foundations of the parasitic class.

The New Moral Army™ is going to bring to an end the very existence of this parasitic class of billionaires and trillionaires. That is what makes it a truly authentic ‘people’s movement’.

Forget the fake political concoctions of marxism, communism, liberalism and socialism, which were manufactured by those with toxic wealth, and which have been funded by them ever since their conception.

These political movements of the left are controlled opposition, and that is why you will never find any politicians who represents these bogus ideologies ever proposing or even mentioning the absolutely essential policies that the New Moral Army™ is proposing and promoting to the people.

Ask mainstream politicians, who supposedly stand for the working class and the poor, whether they will actively promote the Fifty Million Max™ wealth cap policy, and see just how many refuse to do so. That’s because they are ordered to promote the middle class as being rich, and the truly rich as being untouchable.

The only way for the parasitic class to retain its criminal wealth is to persistently pit the working class against the middle class. This is why the political left was manufactured in the first place, and fully funded by the parasitic class from its conception through to the present day. It’s all just a big ruse to keep the people divided and ruled.

The New Moral Army™ is not a controlled opposition movement of the working class targeted against their middle class compatriots, or a ‘divide and rule’ social justice movement funded to destroy nation states from within.

The New Moral Army™ is a genuine people-up movement of everyone from the starving to those with a few million in savings, all standing shoulder-to-shoulder against the existence of extreme toxic wealth and against the manipulation of society’s money and its economy for the purpose of criminal profiteering and illicit political aims. Both the problem and its solution really are that morally straightforward.

So who will be the first billionaire to adopt NMA’s Policy #1 and give up all but $50 million of their hoarded wealth? One thing’s for sure. They will be remembered in history as much as anyone has been to date.

Which country will be the first to adhere to NMA’s Policy #2 and abolish National Usury within its sovereign nation and give complete control of its money to the people?

Only you can make these things happen by being a part of this game-changing peaceful revolution from the very start.

If you didn’t have a purpose in life before, you certainly have one now. Be the monumental change that you wish to see in the world.

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“It is always best to be involved in social change, somewhere in between doing as much as you can, and doing enough.

To act outside of either of these two boundaries is very much – in equal measure – a complete waste of time.”


New Moral ARMY™

Support the Movement.
Join the New Moral Army™

If you contribute to just one cause this year,
make sure it’s the one that is guaranteed to change society for the better – forever.

By donating just £10 a month, you can join the greatest social movement in human history, bar none – the New Moral Army™.

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It’s not a cliche – this really does change everything!